German Language Courses for people from Ukraine

German Language Courses for people from Ukraine

We are currently in the process of organizing German language courses for people from Ukraine coming to Limburg-Weilburg.
This will take a little bit of time, because we need to find some suitable locations and teachers.

Access requirements

A participation to a German course without paying fees is possible if you have a residence permit according to § 24 of the Residence Act or a document stating it is in process. This document is available at the "Ausländerbehörde".

Registration and Support

Support and / or a registration is currently only possible by phone or e-mail. When registering, you will get an appointment for a placement test. For the placement we need your residence documents. You are welcome to send us in advance your contact details, and the information about interested people via e-mail. We will then contact you.


06431 9116-0 and 06471 2125 or